Why Choose Us?

At #rc.settings.siteName#, the one thing that we know about more than anything else is cars. In today's world selling a car in a fair and fast manner seems a farfetched dream. An individual has to go through a number of roadblocks to sell the car, some of which are post mentioned.

  • Tedious, long and unfair negotiations with the buyers, resulting in stress and being offered a bad deal.
  • Long waits for ad responses and quotes posted online, which don't yield the desired and can become a monetary loss over the registration fees.
  • Pursuing the payment if the product has not been paid, but has been put on hold.
  • Attracting and dealing with non-serious buyers, who are not keen on the sale.

Due to all these reasons and many more, it seems that in today's world selling a car in a fair and fast manner seems a farfetched dream. Our knowledge of the automotive sector combined with our excellent customer friendly procedures, we have turned this dream to a reality in a brilliant manner.


The services that we provide to counter all the problems associated with car sales are post mentioned.


  • Simple and transparent online application form to get a quote and to minimise unnecessary time consumption. A further and more accurate valuation can be generated after receiving the necessary documents related to the vehicle.
  • Unbiased and professional assessment of your vehicles in reference to the evaluation of your vehicle. Our experienced and friendly personnel work to the highest standards.
  • After a price is agreed, the payment can be made at the point of collection or post the delivery of the vehicle to our establishment the amount can be deposited in a bank account.

Finally, the most important things that can be guaranteed with us are NO HASSELE AND NO HIDDEN FEES.


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